Tuesday, July 9, 2013

When in Rome (Part 2)

 Our final days were a little less crazy, half because we knew what to expect, and half becasue we had private tours instead of being thrown in the middle of the city.

Our second day we toured a castle that was used as an excape for the pope, saw a rooftop view of Rome and the Vatican City, and then went to the Vatican city (I decided that deserved a post of it's own so you will just have to wait in suspense).

By the third day we (or maybe just me) were walking around the colloseum like a bunch of melting zombies, but once again well worth it.

Everything is so much bigger and more extravagent than I imagined. Although I had seen a hundred pictures of the collosuem, it was incredible to actually be there and be the one taking the photos.

Overall, Rome was a success. A giant, overwhelming, beautiful, historical, and once in a lifetime kind of success. I will say though, coming home to our apartment in Florence was the best ending to our weekend. Being in such a big place made me so thankful to be able to come back to our place that already feels like home after one short week. We dropped off our bags, walked down the stairs, and had dinner with all 6 of us roommates at a little resturant underneath our apartment, and just relaxed.

 I am so happy I chose to live here where the anxiety levels are a little lower, the streets are a little less crowded, we see familiar faces, and we all feel comfortable enough to just be. Its't the perfect place to come home to after a busy week and weekend and I love it even more than I did a week ago.


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