Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Vatican City.

St. Peter's Basilica was our first stop and was indescribable to say the least. Photos in no way do this place justice but I tried my best. It was my favorite "tourist" thing we have done so far and maybe my favorite thing I have ever done period. The amount of detail and  artistic creativity that went into every inch of it was mind blowing. It is the size of two football fields and filled from ceiling to floor with minute details of art that blended together perfectly. It really was unlike anything I have ever seen.

Next, we went to the Vatican Museum where we went through room after room of marble, stone, paintings, tapestries, murals, and any kind of art you can think of until we got to the Sistine Chapel (where photos aren't allowed). Everything we saw that day just left us speechless. Words or photos just don't capture how beautiful everything really was or how much there was! It's unimaginable to think of all the people and time over the years that went into making these places as special as they are. Unbelievable.

^^^ Thats the ceiling!!!

It was a good day :)

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