Thursday, August 1, 2013

Farewell Florence.

                                                                                  (photo credit to my awesome friend Andrea)

I am slowly but surely packing up my room and apartment and can't believe my time in Florence is already over! It has been such a surreal experience and one I can't put into words. I am so sad to be leaving this place that has so quickly become a home, but I am also extremely excited for the next chapter of our European Adventure! On Friday we will be turning in our apartment keys, saying goodbye to our roommates (don't. want. to. leave. them.) and hoping on a train.

Laurel and I will be traveling around Italy for the next 12 days before coming back to Florence for 14 short hours and flying home! Unfortunately 12 days in a backback doesn't really provide ample space to carry a lap top around so this blog will be a little dead until I am back home.

Thank you everone who has been reading and for your really encouraging comments. I already can't wait to share all tof my photos from our next voyage.

See you in America :)


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