Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Series of Fortunate Events

Leaving Venice we had every intention of arriving in Gardone Riviera 2 hours later, but when two 20 and 21 year olds travel alone in a foreign country they're bound to get on a wrong bus at least once, right? Fortunately for us, that bus took us to one of the most beautiful towns and places I have ever seen and I have never been more grateful for getting lost.

What was kind of a disaster ended up being one of my favorite days filled with country sides I didn't even know existed in Italy and a bus driver who either felt sorry for us or was just really nice. He didn't make us pay for any other tickets and told us to sit in the front of the bus as we stared in awe at the mountains which appeared to be neverending. As far as Italy goes, the North isn't too bad.

After 4 hours in our discovered town, a 2 1/5 hour bus ride back to the station, and another 2 hour bus ride, we finally saw the clear blue water of Lake Garda. We spent the next 2 days reading, swimming (in the best water ever), eating, and repeating until it was time to pack up and go again. 

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