Monday, July 22, 2013

Amalfi Coast (Day One)

On Friday morning we ventured down to Sorrento on the Amalfi coast and got to celebrate my 20th birthday! I am no longer a teenager and think I have really matured in the last 3 days :) As far as birthdays go, this was one I will always remember. 

 This is why I love my roommates^^^

It was perfect. It wasn't anything too crazy (see, I told you I have matured) but it was just what I wanted. We watched the sunset over wine and appetizers before having seafood at a resturaunt on a dock, it was pretty romantic, and finishing the night with dessert and an early night to bed.  

Other than being in this magnificent country, it was the people who made this day, or whole week really, extra memerable. Not only did I spend it with one of my best friends, but with two of my roomates, Bailey and Kayla, who I can't believe I have only known for three weeks! We were so lucky to have met them and I am already dreading saying goodbye. 

Thank you to everyone from home who were a HUGE reason this day was so great. You all did a great job at making me feel extra special, loved, and appreciated. It was one of those days I kept asking God how I got so lucky and what I did to be able to experience this life the way I have. I think he got sick of hearing me say 'Thank You' but I hope he got over it becuase I never stopped.

I am so blessed and overwhelmingly thankful for my life and everyone who makes it beyond great. You guys are seriously incredible.

Cheers to maturity!

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