Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Spontaneity at it's Finest.

My wonderful friend Chloe spontaneously drove to Corvallis Sunday night where her 12 hour stay turned into a 48 hour one. We continued the spontaneity and hopped in the car Tuesday morning for a foggy day at the beach! Unfortunately we could hardly even see the ocean but the breeze was a nice break from these 90 degree days Corvallis has been providing. It was a care free day spent with no schedules or worries and it was spent with one of my oldest friends whom I only get to spend days like this with a handful of times a year. 

We walked, we shopped, we ate, and blasted One Direction and Justin Bieber in the car (maturity at it's finest). Love you, Chlo thanks for the visit and the fun day! You're welcome any time.

-Katie Rose 

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