Thursday, August 22, 2013

Last But Not Least.

 We took a shrot ferry ride from Santa Margherita to the stunning town of Portofino and were amazed that Italy could still surprise us. We figured we would be used to the beauty of it all and then we arrived here and once again our jaws dropped. 

It was so bittersweet gettin on that train the next day. We were exhausted and missing our family but so consious of the need to enjoy every last second we had in the place we may never come back to. I really hope that's not the case but it definitely won't be anytime soon!

The whole experience felt so surreal and almost like I was living in a dream. Being home now and continuing to create these blog posts, looking through all my pictures, and reliving the whole things has given me the opportunity to reflect on it all and continue to be filled with endless gratitude. The places I saw, the people I met, and the experiences I had are ones I know not many people ever get to have, especially not at 20 years old, and I will never forget how lucky I am to have been given this opportunity.

"I am not the same person after seeing the moon shine on the other side of the world"

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