Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our Day in Pompeii.

Our last day on the coast we visited the ancient-Roman town of Pompeii which was destroyed and now covered in layers of ash from the erupsion of Mt. Vesuvius. It was hard to image these buildings once being homes and markets that made up a community, but knowing it once was made the whole thing pretty cool and just a tiny bit creepy. 

This would be Laurel "Cooking" in her Kitchen. ^^^

 These next photos are a direct result of our third day in the sun and a tour guide who talked WAY too much. 

After 2.5 hot hours and a lot of really high quality modeling, we said goodbye to the coast and hello to Florence! We also had the realization it was our last trip together before we have to move out of our apartment in nine days, NINE DAYS! So we try not to talk about it.

Happy Wednesday!

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